Wisdom on Wisdom (Soft Cover)


It is almost astonishing how a precisely selected group of words have the ability to influence one’s life, alter one’s decisions, and inspire one’s choices. I hope you find this collection of words to be epiphany-producing and thought-provoking. But even beyond the insight, I pray this book provides you with the spark you need to militate against cognitive decline and ultimately ignites a lasting fire to help you make reading a part of your daily routine.

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Quotes inspire us and entertain us. They pull us into an idea and drive us into action. Quotes force us to contemplate, meditate, concentrate, and evaluate. They provoke thoughts, trigger actions, and influence choices. Quotes persuade us, encourage us, energize us, and challenge us. They foster collaboration, enhance participation, and even create division.

Quotes are the beginnings of conversations, the highlights of dissertations, and the endings of presentations. The good ones can stimulate missions, meanings, mottos, and mantras. Every influencer should have a quote ready to give. This book is packed with 400+ to help us learn, lead, and live.