Most adults make 35,000+ decisions per day. If we sleep a little more than eight hours per night, then we make approximately 2,200 choices per every waking hour (37 decisions per minute).

The average American child owns 117 different toys and 70% of kids play with 15 toys or fewer (100+ untouched toys). The average cost of a child’s toy is $14, meaning most American children have about $1,400 worth of toys that never get touched. If your family has 3 kids, then you can estimate to have $4,200 worth of unused toys in your home. 

Approximately 60% of restaurants shut down within their first year and nearly 80% before their fifth anniversary. These restaurants love to blame their failure on poor location or undercapitalization – but I think their menus deserve more criticism. Most successful restaurants have 50 – 75 menu options and most failing restaurants have menus with 125 – 150 options.  

Choice Overload Considerations:

  • Energy: Each decision depletes our available cognitive energy.
  • Paralysis: Difficult to decide, so no decision is made.
  • Delay: Evaluating several options takes too long.
  • Regret: Should have chosen something different, something better.
  • Satisfaction: Opportunity cost often yields disappointment.
  • Quality: Decision quality decreases at the end of the day.
  • Ungrateful: Discontentment is created by too many options.

Question: In what ways can you simplify your life so you don’t need to make as many decisions?

Meditate on How This Quote Applies to You: “A happy man marries the girl he loves, but a happier man loves the girl he marries.” -African Proverb

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