coward: a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.


Easier said than done when only a small minority are standing up against injustice and fighting for what they believe. Why so many cowards? Because it requires tremendous discipline and intentionality to build the fortitude necessary to do unpleasant things.  Here’s a playbook for how not to be a coward… 

Step by Step, How Not to Be a Coward:

  • Strong Relationships:  When we cultivate loving relationships, we have people worth fighting for and a team to fight with us.
  • Strong Faith: When we know who we are, why we exist, and what we value – we know which battles are worth fighting.
  • Strong Minds: When we are mentally wealthy and we know how to think, we won’t buy ideas from swindlers or listen to charlatans.
  • Strong Bodies: When we aren’t taking our physical health and wellbeing seriously, why should anyone take us seriously?
  • Strong Bank Accounts: When we are financially free, we can afford to stand against injustices. Get money, keep it, grow it. Cash is leverage.
  • Strong Resumes: When we have a track record of results, we aren’t imprisoned by anyone or anything. We can take our talent wherever we want whenever we want because we will always be in high demand. When our resumes are strong, we have options.  

The Antidote: The antidote to cowardice is strength. You know you are in a position of strength when people can’t manipulate you by using flattery, criticism, and incentives.  When we build strength in each of the above areas, we no longer need to seek validation or approval from anyone.  We will be free to do what is best. 

Reflection Question: In which area do you need to intentionally build more strength? 

 If you made time to read this, I appreciate you.


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