Look around you… What do you see? No seriously. Pause for a minute and take note of what you find in your line of sight.
The Importance of Vision:

The reason we need to look around and take note of what we see is because we perceive the world primarily through sight. The human body has about eleven million sensory receptors and approximately ten million of those are dedicated to sight. Some experts estimate that more than half of the brain’s resources are used on vision alone. For this reason, changing what you see will help you change what you do (Source: James Clear, Atomic Habits). 
The Importance of Blinders:

I’ve lived in Kentucky long enough to know that is exactly why horses wear blinders (or blinkers) in horse racing.  They use blinders to prevent them from getting distracted by other horses, birds, or even people. These blinders are used to help the horse stay focused on the jockey and concentrate on what’s ahead. 
Why We Should All Wear Blinders:

  • When you focus on many things, you master nothing and your time is worth very little.
  • When you focus on a few priorities, you start to improve and your time is now worth a little more.
  • When you focus on the priority, you eventually become an expert, and your time becomes valuable. 

Action Item: Wear your blinders, because if you master nothing, your time is worth nothing (or very little). Master something and your time is now worth something.

If you are reading this, I appreciate you.  Have a great weekend!


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