Sharing a Milestone: This week, I rediscovered the profound value of my inner circle and I am incredibly grateful to know that some of you are part of that group… Yesterday, I had five-hundred books show up on my doorstep and when I opened the thirteen boxes, all of the books inside had my name on the front.  One of the most rewarding things when something like that happens in your life is having people that are genuinely happy for you.  Thankfully, I have a few of those people and I hope you do, too…

Choosing the right inner circle is paramount… Here’s why:

  1. Encouragement: When you make a hard choice to do something that is best for you, they provide edifying advice and support.  Example: You start on a new exercise plan and they sign up to go to the gym with you before work.
    • Accountability:  When you make a stupid decision, they ask questions to help you self-discover your own degeneracy.  Example: You start to let your unhealthy eating get out of control and they ask you if this pattern is helping you become the best version of you.
    • Mourning: When something bad happens in your life, you can tell them and they are there for you (psychological and emotional support).  Example: Your Dad dies and they call every day to listen with you, cry with you, and are physically available to be with you when needed.
    • Celebration: When you have milestones to celebrate, they celebrate with you. Example: You publish your first book and they take you out to dinner and go with you to get your favorite ice-cream for dessert.

    Questions for Reflection:

    1. Based on the criteria above, do you have the right people in your inner circle? 

    2. Based on the criteria above, are you the right person to be in someone else’s inner circle?

    Action Item:  Create an inner circle of people who truly want the best for you (the people you allow in your inner circle says a lot about the standards you set for your life).

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    If you are reading this, I appreciate you.  Have a great weekend!


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