Not everything you produce will be a masterpiece.

That is not an excuse to sacrifice on quality… It is a reminder to keep going when you aren’t seeing the results right away. 

Example 1: Mariah Carey

  • 288+ songs produced
  • Net worth, $520 million
  • One song has earned $60+ million in royalties (All I Want for Christmas is You)

Example 2: John Maxwell

  • Published 70+ books
  • Sold 20+ million books
  • 3 books sold more than a million copies

These people we are referencing are the best of the best.  Inc. Magazine listed John Maxwell as the number one Leadership and Management Expert in 2014. In March of 2021, Mariah Carey was listed as the fourth wealthiest musical artist of all time (  She is just behind names like Paul McCartney, Bono, and Madonna.

Not everything is a masterpiece… Don’t quit because your first iteration isn’t scaling like you hoped it would.

Keep going (the podcasting experience): (Source – Jack Butcher, brilliant business mind. Link: Jack Butcher)

  • There are about 2,000,000 podcasts.
  • About 1,800,000 didn’t make it past episode 3.  Leaving just 200,000 that make it to episode 4.
  • From the 200,000 remaining, 90% quit after 20 episodes.  Leaving just 20,000 podcasts.
  • If you make it to episode 21, you are in the top 1% in podcasting. 

Don’t give up…Your victory is right around the corner.

If you are reading this, I appreciate you.


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