The quality of your mind dictates the quality of your life.  
The question then becomes, what dictates the quality of your mind? 
The answer lies primarily in your consumption.  What are you allowing your eyes to see and ears to hear?  What are you reading, what are you watching, what are you learning? What are your inputs?
Is it ironic to you that most people say they want peace of mind, yet most people listen to the same podcasts, watch the same shows on Netflix, read the same articles from the same websites, and follow the same people on social media? Do most people have peace of mind? Not even close… Do you see the problem that lies within? 
If you truly want a better mind, start with better procurement.  Remember, when you choose what to consume, you are choosing your current and future thoughts.
The Solution – Choose Carefully & Avoid Intentionally:

  • Choose insight that energizes you to help more people.  Avoid propaganda that provokes you to think negatively.
  • Choose mentors that inspire.  Avoid siphons that drain your energy.
  • Choose assets that will win in the long-term.  Avoid options that yield immediate, temporary gratification.
  • Choose work that allows you to add value to more people.  Avoid tasks that weigh you down.
  • Choose projects that help you achieve your dreams.  Avoid to-do list items that distract you from your goals.

The choices are yours.

Be great, make it a great day, and please choose your inputs carefully.  The quality of your life is depending on it.


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