1. You Don’t Read Enough

We live in such a fast-paced world, most people consider it a chore to stop and read the instruction manual about how to assemble the new product they just purchased.  They would rather build it twice than read something longer than the news headlines or a tweet.  If you aren’t reading at least two books a month, you’ll never be a sought after thought leader.

2. You Don’t Write Enough

Thought leaders must have something to share, and the most impactful way to clarify thoughts on a subject is to write about it.  As a thought leader,  you must write daily.  Not just emails and tweets, but actual content.  Almost every thought leader I know is either writing a book or has already published a book. They all have blogs.

3. You Don’t Think Enough

It’s amazing how dumbfounded most of the leaders look when I ask them how much time they spend in intentional thought.  This is a transformational best practice that so many influencers struggle to maintain.  Block out some time to start thinking for a change.  Start with 5 minutes in the morning and watch how quickly your productivity expands.

4. You’re Not Visible Enough

Are you a news-maker or a news-watcher? I’m not talking simply about your social media presence. I’m talking about being visible to an expansive network of influencers.  And when you do invest your time on social media platforms, are you the one making the news or watching the news?

5. You Don’t Share Enough

To be respected as a thought leader, you must share your ideas.  Of course, you must have ideas to share. But once you have cultivated some valuable insight, people must know that such insight exists.  Send emails, post on social media, be a guest writer on a well-know website.  Send out your e-book to those in your sphere.  Give away hard copies of your recently published book to prospects in your target market.

6. You Care Too Much About What Others Think

Perhaps the reason you don’t share your ideas is because you care too much about the potential rejection or pushback you will receive when someone reads your stuff.  Stop caring what other people think.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  Look, when you are just starting out as a thought leader, nobody is reading your stuff anyway.  OK, your Mom and your Wife probably read your junk, but that’s all.  Demonstrate confidence in your ability to influence and stop worrying about the trolls that might object to your viewpoints.

7. You’re Not Doing Enough

“It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.” – Henry Ford

Infographics, White Papers, Blogs, Videos, Interviews, Podcasts.  Try them all and find your sweet spot.  Overcoming obscurity is a challenge.  You need to do more to demonstrate enough value to win the reputation of a thought leader.

8. Your Language Isn’t Precise Enough

Word choice matters. It may sound inconsequential to many, but the true influencers know that their language is the hinge on which their door to effectiveness swings.

8 Thought Leaders You Need to Start Studying: 

  1. John Maxwell
  2. Dave Ramsey
  3. Grant Cardone
  4. Christy Wright
  5. Rory Vaden
  6. Tony Robbins
  7. Jon Acuff
  8. Brad Lea

Start doing all of these things at a higher-level, and perhaps someone other than yourself will start calling you a thought leader.



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