Lately I’ve been grinding.  Working to make a difference in this world and I haven’t been enjoying the outcomes I expected.  Not an excuse, just reality.  Not blaming anyone but myself.

Yesterday, in my prayer time in the morning I was asking the Lord if I was making a difference.  Am I still doing the “good” things? Do I need to call an audible?

Do you ever wonder if you are making a difference?

I always set lofty goals, and I don’t expect to win every time.

We are more than half-way through 2017 and I haven’t succeeded as many times as I did in my head when I originally put my goals on paper.

In fact, in my business I am only on pace to accomplish 2/12 of my major goals (almost all of my goals are process goals rather than outcome goals, so that’s why I said I am on pace).

That’s not even a 17% winning percentage.  Some might even call it an 83% losing percentage.

Then later that day, I received a text from one of my friends and former colleagues.  It was a picture of a hand-written note of encouragement with some scripture that I gave him more than 6 years ago.  A reminder I needed.

That same evening, I received an email from one of my friends and clients about how she is reenergized to live more intentionally.  She said our training that took place earlier in the week helped her adjust her lifestyle and she started to create new habits to live a more fulfilling life.  She inspired her husband to do the same.  Another reminder I needed.

“Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not give up.”

– Galatians 6:9

Keep doing good! Don’t give up.  It’ll be worth it.  It always is.



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