Most of you know that I am writing a book.  I’m sure you are sick of hearing about it.  I’ve been writing and editing and writing and editing. Publishing is long overdue.  I’m sick of talking about it, too.

I referenced my book because the entire process of writing this book has been a tremendous teacher.  Specifically, the process is teaching me more and more about the messed-up, un-researched, uneducated paradigms we as a society have embraced.

For example, addiction and discipline are two of the words about which society speaks negatively. Yet, leveraging addiction and discipline are two of the most important reasons I have achieved the success I have at my age.

I have disciplined myself to invest time intentionally thinking and writing down ideas that come to mind.  This morning I was thinking and writing, and out of nowhere, I started laughing.  Five in the morning, alone in my basement, darkness outside, the sun was not even awake to hear me – just me and my thoughts, laughter filled the empty room.  I was laughing about how bad I was as a public speaker just eight years ago and how much money I’ve made doing it. Yes, you read that correctly. Paradoxical?  Absolutely.

People won’t believe me now, but I used to be terrified of public speaking.  My hands used to shake, my heart would race.  I couldn’t even read in front of a group.  Enunciating a complete and educated sentence in front of an audience was rare for me.  I was heinous. Atrocious.  Embarrassing.

You want another example? I used to hate reading.  I was a slow reader.  I despised the thought of reading.  To reference comedian Jim Gaffigan, I used to be of his school of thought.  He said, “I don’t understand the people who don’t like TV.  The ones that say, I just prefer reading… Have you watched television?  It’s wayyy better.  There’s pictures. There’s sound. And most importantly, no reading!”  Now I read a book a week.  I’m addicted to reading. I know the value of it.  That one habit has enhanced my life and mind dramatically.  Now, I am in the process of writing a few books to share what I have learned with you.

Here is the lesson, if you are fearful of something, do it.  If you are challenged by something, embrace the opportunity to grow in that space.  Outside of your comfort zone is where your growth opportunity lies.  I’m living proof that you can change.  That getting out of your comfort zone is a healthy thing.  And perhaps you can even create an extraordinary income by doing the things that once scared you.

So, get out of your comfort zone and watch what happens.



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