Most of you stayed up late to watch the 2016 Presidential Election results, and it is a night you will never forget.  Many were anticipating a Clinton domination.  Even the Trump campaign started the night seemingly nervous about how the night would end.  So how did Trump surprise most of the world? What can we learn about leadership in the midst of these election results?  Here are 7 valuable leadership lessons that the election reminded me.

1.     Experts Aren’t Always Experts

Almost every pollster was wrong.  Almost every major media outlet was incorrect.  The experts weren’t really experts now were they?

2.     People Love to Win

Trump fans came out of the woodwork on social media.  They were generally hiding.  They didn’t want to show their faces.  Until he did the unthinkable, and won the election.  All of the sudden, these proud Trump supporters came alive to the public eye.  Bottom line, people love to be led by a winner.  So be a winner!

3.     Be You!

C.S Lewis wisely stated, “I would rather be what God chose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of.”  We all agree that Trump is not politically correct.  He says what he wants to say.  Every word of his is not scripted.  He doesn’t have experts controlling what comes out of his mouth.  Hillary is the exact opposite.  So politically correct.  Every word is prepared.  The people have spoken, and the PC culture is over, they want you to be you.

4.     Debt Kills You

Whether you are liberal or conservative, we can all agree that the Clinton campaign was funded by play to play type minutiae.  Her whole foundation made that clear.  The email campaign left her in debt to the FBI for bailing her out of the mess she created.  Trump didn’t owe anybody anything. Hillary has a debt crisis, not financially, but she is indebted to so many people to do exactly what they want her to do.  As a leader, don’t owe anyone anything, it keeps you from being you.

5.     Haters Are Inevitable

No matter what would have happened, haters from both sides would manifest.  Riots and all the junk that is taking place is hideous.  As a leader, remember that haters will come alive and people love to try to minimize your success.

6.     The Media Lies to You

All the time.  They lie.  Both sides.  Liberal and conservative.  So many people are lying to you.  Rise above the noise.  Don’t let the lies reign in your life.

7.     Surprises Create Lasting Impact

When things don’t go according to anticipation, the memorable moment leaves a penetrating imprint.  As a leader, we need to defy norms, push limits, and create a lasting impact.  Don’t be forgotten.

Whether you are happy with the results or disappointed, make sure you take time to learn from these milestone moments.  Leaders always learn.

Be amazing! God bless you, and God bless America!


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