We all know the power of mentorship.  One of my mentors is taking his talents to Florida and as he moves down south, I want to express my gratitude by sharing 10 things I have learned from him over the years.  Perhaps I already knew them in theory, but his life painted a better picture. A picture that resonated with me.

1.    When you form habits that seem outrageous to everyone else – you are on the right track (he wakes up at 3:30AM).

2.    Transparency and vulnerability will allow you to develop long-lasting and incredibly strong relationships (we grieved the loss of our Dads together).

3.    Do the hard stuff first. If you don’t, it probably won’t get done (he hits the gym at 4AM).

4.    Amateurs wing it, professionals always have a plan (his motto).

5.    Your background doesn’t matter.  It’s who you are today and what you are willing to do tomorrow that can take you anywhere (he recently published his first book).

6.    Invest in yourself and invest in others (he was consistently buying books in bulk for himself and for his teammates).

7.    Dream enormous.  If you don’t hit your audacious goal, wherever you land would have been better than if you set your dreams/goals too low (he set a goal to post 5 blogs per week, but he always said if you land at 3 it’s still pretty good!)

8.    Accountability partners are key (I am thankful that he is one of mine).

9.    If you don’t get out of your comfort zone you will never get to where you need to be (We went through two corporate training certifications together that were both way out of our comfort zones).

10. If you don’t have “more health” then it doesn’t matter what else you have because you won’t be able to enjoy it anyway (7 Ways to More).

Buy Brian Willett’s book – 7 Ways to More on Amazon.  Follow him on twitter @bwillett79.

Hope you can take these tips and apply them in your life.  If nothing else, get yourself a mentor if you don’t have one already!

Be amazing and God bless you!


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