Do you ever get sick of people lying to you?  I do.  I can’t stand it.  We hear this crap all the time, “Perception is reality.”  Well the reality is, that is not at all true.  The more I study people and their thought patterns, the more I realize how jacked up their paradigms really are.  I don’t know how they got to such a sad place, but it needs to end.

I know many of you have believed that perception is reality. You’re wrong!  In fact, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Just look at fear and darkness.

The thing about fear that we must realize is that it does not exist.  Yes, I said it does NOT exist.  Literally, fear does not have a physical property in the universe.  I know it may feel completely real when you are in a situation where you lack confidence, but it’s not.

The same with darkness.  There is no such thing.  Yes, we all know what darkness looks like.  But there is no physical property for darkness in our universe.  Darkness is simply the absence of light.

Fear is simply the absence of confidence.  Or the absence of courage.   Or the absence of comfort.

We’ve all been taught that fear and darkness exist.  Unfortunately, our teachers weren’t telling us the truth.

Here are 3 ways to improve your reality (and your perceptions):

1.     Intentional CZ Expansion

Your growth opportunity lies right outside of your comfort zone.  In order to win more consistently in your life, you must intentionally step outside of your comfort zone.  When you embrace the opportunities to get uncomfortable, your competency and skill-set will expand.

2.     Confidence in Your Identity

Who did God create you to be?  What are your giftings?  What brings you energy?  Stay connected to what inspires you.  Fixate on your goals.  If you need help clarifying your goals and passions – message me and I will provide you a fool-proof methodology to get started.

3.     Produce, Produce, Produce

No, I am not referring to vegetables.  I am also not talking about action.  I am talking about production.  Outrageous levels of purposeful activity.  The more purposeful repetitions you put in, the better you become.  The more deposits you make, the more you have.   It’s amazing how that works, isn’t it?

So, what are you scared of?  Start by militating against one of your perceptions that is NOT reality.

Grow your comfort zone, expand your confidence, and watch your life catapult to the next level.

I believe in you!  Be AMAZING and God bless you!


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