Look, I have to make a sincere confession.  This post is completely selfish and I need to express my deepest apologies to you.  Please keep reading.

I am sorry for quitting on you.  I gave up on you.  I lost my focus and forgot about my dreams and my goals.

I was absent for a while, and that’s a reflection of my momentary lack of belief in you.  And even more, a lack of belief in myself and who God created me to be.

For that, I am sincerely sorry.  Please accept my apology and please forgive me.  I am not being facetious.  I am genuinely regretting my temporary lack of discipline.  It’s hard to see body language and tonality in writing.  This is real.  I am truly apologizing to you.

Thank you to my mentors and partners for helping me get back on track.  I needed a fresh reminder that I have something of incredible value, and if you give it a chance – it will positively impact your life forever.  I commit to doing everything I know to get that to you.

To remind you, my dream is to serve and help millions of people.  Not to write a $1 check to 2 million people.  I literally want to rub elbows with you and be face to face with you when I have the privilege of serving you.

The reality is, many people do not know that I exist.  I will work to overcome that reality.  I take full responsibility for that fact and I will invest the time, effort, and resources necessary to make that a reality of the past.

My commitment is to believe that you are worth it – and prove it to you.  I know beyond all certainty that I can add value to you in such a way that will dramatically impact your life in a positive way.  What I have to offer you will not only change your life, but your family’s legacy, and will keep blessing people beyond your earthly existence.

To prove it to you, I will be sharing a lot of valuable content with my social networks.  I will keep working to get in front of you, so we can grow together.  If you see me lacking discipline for a few days in a row, please coach me.  Please hold me accountable.  I need your help to be successful. 

Look, many of you think you don’t even need help.  That your improvement isn’t necessary. I am sorry you feel that way and I take responsibility for making sure you are viewing life through the right lens. 

So I’m sorry.  I believe in you and I believe in me.  Thanks for forgiving me.  

You are amazing.  God bless you!


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