Are You Recession Proof?

Look, is your family of utmost importance to you? Do you have kids? Would you like to be able to pay for their college tuition? Would you like to retire in your 50’s rather than your 70’s?  Prove it!

The reality is, we are likely to see another economic set-back in our lifetime.  I am one of the most positive and optimistic people you will ever meet, and I refuse to neglect reality.  The chances of our government leading us to another place of economic instability is high – let’s leave it there.

Good news!  You can be recession proof.  What?  Really?  I promise you, that if you become an expert at one thing, you will still be able to pay for your kid’s college even if the government collapses, jobs are scarce, and interest rates on your investments are negative.

That one thing is selling.  It’s that important.  When you can demonstrate expertise as a professional consultant, recessions don’t exist.  I know that because I came out of college at a rough economic time.  Like you, I wasn’t born with a last name that would ensure my financial legacy.  I had to make something happen.  So I learned the value of solving people’s problems.  I learned how to help people that didn’t know they needed help.  I learned how to add value to people in a way that would inspire them to help themselves.  I learned how to sell.

Now I want to help you live an inspired life and achieve outcomes that will allow you to travel the world if you so choose.  Or to retire before you die.  Or buy a car for your kid because you can.

I understand that you don’t have time right now and I truly appreciate your concern about the investment required to improve – both time-wise and financial.

If not today, then when? 

You are too important to wait. 

Your family is too valuable.  Your child deserves a high-level education and you deserve to be able to travel wherever you want.  Don’t let a recession prevent you from getting those things.

When you become proficient at each of the following, you will be recession proof:

1.     Building Trust

Are you able to demonstrate credibility and genuineness to create a strong/positive first impression?  Can you enhance the rapport throughout the relationship? Do you come across as an expert in your space?

2.     Question Asking

This is not just asking any questions.   These questions are completely unique to your prospect so that you can identify areas where improvement is needed.  This is the heart of the sales process.  If you can’t ask insightful, relevant, and provoking questions – you won’t dramatically increase your winning percentage and you certainly won’t be recession proof.

3.     Tailoring Solutions

Use all of the important information you gathered in the question asking phase to present a unique solution that resonate with that prospect.  What are their motives?  What matters to them?  How will your solution help them specifically?  Showcase precision and tact when delivering a tailored solution.

4.     Overcoming Resistance & Hesitation

You must be able to handle whatever is going to be thrown your way.  You will receive pushback.  No problem – handle it with diplomacy and keep the conversation moving forward. 

5.     Closing the Deal

Moving your prospect to a clear action step and winning their commitment is an art.  Don’t overlook the close.

Look, if you are learning how to sell from somebody who has never made a minimum of $100,000/year selling.  Then shame on you.  Why are you learning how to sell from someone who hasn’t earned the right to teach you?  How could you possibly learn about professional selling from an amateur?  That’s ridiculous and outrageous.  How can they take you there if they have never been there? I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone. You simply deserve to learn from an expert.  Period.

When you decide you want to be recession proof and secure your family’s future despite economic uncertainty, connect with me at  I promise, I won’t let you learn from anyone who is not an expert.

You are amazing!  God bless you.


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