Altitude Rewards Velocity

Look, leadership and sales is a lot like flying a plane.  Seriously.  Here’s how:  Your increased velocity is rewarded by increased altitude.

 According to our friend Webster:

     -Altitude: Extent or distance upward; height.

     -Velocity: The speed of something in a given direction.

Think of how a plane leaves the ground.  When the plane goes faster, its capability for height increases.  The same goes for winning as a leader or as a professional consultant.  The faster you go, the higher you are able to climb. 

It’s a speed thing.  Your increased pace allows you to cover a large amount of ground in a short amount of time.

 3 Ways to Enhance Your Velocity:

1.    Have more on your daily agenda than you think you can accomplish.

2.    Allocate less time on each execution item than you usually do.

3.    Demonstrate leadership in meetings by ending the meeting when value is no longer being exchanged.  Combine kindness with assertiveness.

That’s not to say you need to sacrifice quality to increase your velocity.  It’s to say that when you become more competent, your capability for frequency expands. 

The other thing about velocity is that you must consider direction when evaluating.  What does that matter?  You can enhance your tempo in completing activities, but have a zero velocity if your direction is not constant.  If you quickly take two steps forward and then quickly take two steps backward, you haven’t increased your velocity. In order to increase velocity, you must keep moving away from your original position.  You can connect the dots, I’m sure.

So run with velocity today.  Pick up the pace a little and keep your direction in mind.  Your altitude depends on it!

 Be amazing. God bless you.


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