Look, I hate twitter.  And I love twitter.  Paradoxical? Absolutely.  It’s true.

Years ago, I made an assertive decision to get rid of social media – except for Linkedin. It was a spiritual decision for me.  I needed grow in discipline before I could use these valuable tools for what they are.  The lens through which I now look tells me that these platforms provide an extremely cost-effective way to add value to others.  I don’t waste my time on the sites.  The level of discipline I have in my life has allowed me to spend exactly enough time on the platform and no more.  I post something with the goal of adding value to you – then I move on to execute and produce in another area.  It’s really true.  Years ago, it was the exact opposite.  I wish I knew then what I know now.

Who cares?  Shut up! How does this apply to me?  Enough of you already! I hear you.  I’m tired of me too.

This lesson applies directly to leadership, I promise.  Here’s why:

1.     Leaders disrupt the continuum 

They do.  All the time.  They have vision.  They see the changes that need to be made, and they execute.  My vision is to serve millions of people.  That becomes challenging when nobody knows I exist.  So even though I “hate” these social media platforms, I had to learn to love them and use them effectively.  One simple way to disrupt my continuum.

2.     Leaders showcase intentionality

They know their goals, their vision, their passions, and their purpose.  They align all of the aforementioned with actions to help take them closer to living according to each.

3.     Leaders steward time

Time is the great equalizer and a magnificent gift to each of us.  The top leaders in the world make time to invest it and add value. 

4.     Leaders seek to serve

They look for opportunities to help make those around them improve.  They write content, share their best practices, and provide coaching to those in their sphere.

5.     Leaders form habits that aren’t enjoyable

In the end, leaders know that their painful habits will eventually generate an enormous return on their investment.  For example, they wake up early.  The learn to love to read.  They workout and eat healthy.  They don’t naturally enjoy seeing 4AM when the alarm clock sounds and they certainly don’t love reading over watching television.  They don’t love eating salads or the soreness they feel after an intense workout.  They love the end result.  Leaders sacrifice now so they can win later.

You are all leaders.  So act like one.  What continuums do you need to disrupt today?  Are you seeking to serve?  Are you investing your time?  Are you sacrificing now to win later?  Are you leading an intentional life?

All of that said, follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.  I promise you will receive value. 

Be amazing. Demonstrate leadership. God bless you!


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