5 Books Every Sales Pro Must Read

Do you know how Warren Buffett spends the majority of his day?  He spends it reading.  You might want to look into that…

If you want to increase your sales winning percentage and consistently add value through consultative behavior – read these books:

1.     The Challenger Sale – Dixon & Adamson

This book completely changed the sales game.  You will learn to teach in the sales process, tailor your solution for resonation, and take control of the customer conversation.  Applying the content in this book will help you close deals you never thought possible.  Seriously.

2.     To Sell Is Human – Daniel Pink

100% of the world is in sales.  This book will help you accept the truth and embrace it.  This book will change how you see the world and will support you in becoming more influential as you seek to move others and win them to your way of thinking.

3.     Sell or Be Sold – Grant Cardone

I read sales content all the time and this is certainly one of the most influential books when it comes to shifting your sales paradigm.  We are all in sales and this book is so captivating it will make you want to leave your full time C-Suite, 6-figure salary to go on a full-time commission sales initiative.  It’s that good.  If you can only pick one of the books on this list, read Sell or Be Sold. 

4.     Hot Button Marketing – Barry Feig

Yes – I know that marketing is in the title instead of sales.  I have not read a better book when it comes to understanding buying motives.  What propels people to buy?  If you want to be able to tailor your solution to what matters to your prospect, read this book.

5.     25 Ways to Win With People – John Maxwell

If you want to win in sales, you better be able to get people to like you.  This book is packed with proven techniques that will help you build strong rapport and maintain it. 

Invest today.   Start reading as soon as possible.  You are too important and your time is too valuable to wait until tomorrow.  Sell, sell, sell. Ready go!

Be amazing.  God bless you!


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