Are You On Target?

Are you on target?  Quarter 4 is just around the corner.  For some of you, it is time to focus.  For some of you it is time to re-focus.  Discipline is key.  Discipline is executed through aligning your passions and habits. 

In the bestselling book Good to Great, Jim Collins takes a deeper dive into why creating and maintaining a culture of discipline has propelled so many companies to milestone success. 

Yes, discipline is key for companies to win and increase their winning percentage.  The same goes for individuals.

Good to Great explains, “Everyone would like to be the best, but most organizations lack the discipline to figure out with egoless clarity what they can be the best at and the will to do whatever it takes to turn that potential into reality.”   Again, for individuals this finding reigns true. 

So here are a few execution items to get back on target:

1.     Identify where you are in relation to your goals.

2.     Create a list of short term-goals that you need to accomplish that will eventually lead you to achieving your bigger goals.

3.     Create habits that will help you execute the little things in order to help you accomplish your short term goals (ex: wake up earlier, set your workout clothes out before you go to bed each night, force yourself to write a journal of your take-aways from your reading material each day).

4.     Remind yourself of your short term and long term goals each day. 

It’s almost Q4.  Stay focused.  Stay passionate.  Stay disciplined.  You can do it!

Be amazing and God bless you!



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