What’s Wrong With You?

Do you ever feel like people look at you like you are hanging upside down?  I mean really, how often do you get asked this question?  They may phrase it differently:


·      You are crazy

·      Too intense

·      Just relax

·      Too much energy

·      Work too hard

·      Wake up too early

·      Weirdo

·      OCD

·      Too positive

·      Go on a vacation

·      Nobody really loves their life that much

·      Your dreams are impossible

·      Let your hair down every once in a while

·      Have some fun

·      Take it easy

·      A little too excited

And many more phrases that sound like that.  The truth is, anyone can justify anything.  They are simply trying to justify your unparalleled zeal and crazy amounts of activity.  The reality is, you get it, they don’t.  What’s right with you is what they really mean.

If you aren’t being asked this question, then something really is wrong with you. 

Be amazing and God bless you!



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