Listen, when you dream big, naysayers will come out of the woodwork.  People love to tell people they are doing it wrong.  That you can’t make your vision a reality.  They love to hate. 

When I think of unnecessary hatred, I think of Jesus Christ. He was perfect, never sinned, and was hated to the point of death on a cross.   

We live in a negative world.  Just watch the news for a minute.  Read the newspaper.  The media is incredibly negative.  Magazines thrive on negativity.  It’s sad really.  Look, even your family and friends will say you can’t.  When you share your lofty vision or your ambitious desires – people will say it’s not possible. 

It’s just noise.  Rise above it.   

I have made a rule, I hope you will join me in employing it.  Only Positivity Allowed.   

We don’t have time for the alternative.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t be open and receptive to coaching and helpful feedback.  We should.  We need wisdom and guidance to improve.   

Please, please, please dream enormous.  Have a massive vision.  Let your desired reality be bold and outrageous.   

When you dream as big as you should, I can promise you that negativity will come forth.  Rise above the noise.  Make time for only positivity.   

Be positive and be amazing.  You can do it.  God bless you. 


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