Life is short – so the saying goes.  For some of us, that phrase hits home pretty hard.  To me, and to those of you that have unexpectedly lost someone dear to you, that saying engages the heart.  When I was 25, my Dad was out on a run like every other Monday evening.  He was 51 years young and by himself.  He had a heart attack.  That was his last day on this earth.  I still miss him more than words will allow me to elaborate and I am sorry to those of you who have endured a similar pain.

Why is it that when people go through a cancer scare or have a life threatening situation, they come to this amazing realization about the value of life and its fragility?  They begin to live like they are dying.  But why does it take such a situation to provoke such intensity?  It shouldn’t. 

We are all captivated by those whose winning percentage keeps going up.  Like Albert E.N Gray, I have studied winners for a lifetime.  Here are four attributes that manifest regarding the speed at which they travel:

1.       Productive Not Busy

·         When you ask someone who consistently performs at a high level, they never respond with “I’m Busy”, yet they seem to accelerate at a million miles per hour.  How is that so?  They know busy doesn’t mean anything if their action doesn’t deliver results. 

2.       Go Fast or Go Home

·         Have you ever watched a successful person walk?  Or have you ever been in their way when they are marching through the mall?  There is only one speed and that speed is fast.  The accelerator is down and the throttle is engaged.  They operate at enormous levels of activity.   Caffeine is their friend.  Their habits allow adrenaline to drive their pace.  It’s fast or nothing. 

3.       No Time to Procrastinate

·         Procrastination doesn’t exist because they act NOW.   They add value in their spheres by producing and executing.  They know why they are passionate and their goals are always right in front of them.   They don’t make time to procrastinate, they make time to achieve.

4.       Frequency Minimizes Fear

·         It’s not that winners aren’t afraid.  They are scared too.  Just like you are.  They hate failure.  They can’t stand losing.  They know that when they put in the reps, they will begin to increase their winning percentage.  Identifying the equation is simple.  Discovering the solution requires effort.  Winners aren’t afraid to fail now, knowing that their short-term losing will eventually produce consistent winning.

Do you want your winning percentage to increase exponentially?  Go fast.  Today is your day.

God bless you and be AMAZING.


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