I recently heard a quote that went something like this – “Managers make you feel like they are important.  Leaders make you feel like you are important.” This is not true across the board but unfortunately most of the people I train feel this idea manifests more than it should.  I have realized this concept in the past, I simply didn’t put language to it. 

This week, I had the honor of delivering training to over 100 different leaders.  We discussed this topic, and here are some of the separation factors we identified.

1.       Execution

·         Managers have good ideas.   Leaders execute them.  Leaders are different because they do what it takes to implement them to fruition rather than letting these words float around in the air or remain on a piece of scrap paper.  Many people have good ideas but leaders bring them to life.

2.       Credit

·         Winning is important to both leaders and managers.  In my experience, managers try to be the hero. Leaders make everyone else around them the hero.   Leaders understand that they are known by what they accomplish through others. 

3.       Power

·         Managers exercise power over people.  Leaders empower their people.   Leaders recognize synergy and understand how to effectively distribute power to their people. 

Actions Steps:

Let’s be different by implementing ideas instead of tossing them into the air.  Let’s make everyone else around us the hero.  Let’s empower our people and support them along the way.

Return Value:

When you do, your team will perform a higher level and you will create a culture with loyalty as the foundation. 


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