Do you know what Michael Phelps has in common with Jennifer Lawrence?  Did you know that Tiger Woods and Donald Trump have something in common? How about Roger Federer and LeBron James?


You might have been thinking that all of the aforementioned celebrities are all at the top of their fields.  Maybe you thought that they have all accumulated a significant amount of wealth.  Yes, those two observations are both true.  But what is more amazing to me is that even the best performers have personal coaches. 

In the past, coaching has been utilized to help a struggling performer improve.  Today, coaching is recognized as an important methodology to help the top performers develop and improve even faster.

5 Ways To Improve Your Coaching Paradigm:

1.      Start with an understanding of what effective coaching really is.

What is coaching?  Yes, it includes observation and feedback.  But it is more about providing support and best practices to encourage performance growth and improve effectiveness.  This includes help in the execution phase!


2.      Believe that effective coaching can still change skills, performance, behaviors and habits. 

If coaching couldn’t help change behavior, then people like John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, and Marshall Goldsmith wouldn’t be wealthy.  We all know that’s not the case.


3.      Take time to evaluate your competence levels.

You can do this by completing several different types of assessments.  Many of these valuable assessments are free or very cost-effective. I have a list of great inventory tools, if you want them please message me by connecting on my website at  


4.      Establish clearly defined performance objectives.

Measure your individual contributions against other top performers in your industry.  You may already be at the top, but what can you do to keep climbing the ladder?


5.      Expand your comfort zone.

Hold yourself accountable to your goals and provide yourself with opportunities to expand your comfort zone.  Put yourself in positions to grow, learn, and stay motivated by asking for feedback from subject matter experts that have inspired you.

Return Value:

Often the first thing that needs to change is our paradigms.  When we have a better understanding of the value of coaching, we are more likely to invest our time, energy, effort and resources into finding a personal coach.  When we invest in coaching, we will help ourselves and our organizations achieve performance growth quicker than ever before.  Sure, effective coaching takes time.  So does excellence!

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