Finish Strong

Can you see it?  See what you say…


Yes, it’s fall.  The colors of the leaves have changed. The cool air has arrived.  We have reached the final fiscal quarter.

Remember When…

Let’s go back to January when we set all those goals.  Hopefully you were ambitious.  Hopefully you wrote them down.  Hopefully this message is not the first reminder for you to assess your progress.

I hope you are not limping to the finish line.  I hope you are just hitting your stride.  Regardless, it is time to re-evaluate and create an execution strategy for finishing strong.  

5 Things You Must Do To Finish Strong

·         Review your current goals for the year

·         Assess the progress you have made regarding each of your goals

·         Form an action plan to get back on track for the goals you have not yet completed

·         Write down and remind yourself daily the reason “why” behind each of your remaining goals

·         Carve out time each week to evaluate your advancement

Return Value:

How you start the race doesn’t determine the outcome.  The start is important, but it is how you finish that matters.

I’ve seen too many leaders start out their season with great energy, purpose, and excitement.  Somehow, they manage to lose their passion and enthusiasm when they need it to finish strong.

They end the year feeling tired, and frustrated instead of living intentionally with passion and purpose. They limp to the finish line instead of running through it.  Let’s be leaders that run through the finish line this time.


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