Having lived in Louisville, Kentucky over the last eight years, there is a joke that you can count on hearing every year come May.  It goes like this:  Did you hear about the mule that tried to enter into the Kentucky Derby this year? No, what’s that all about?  They looked at the mule and immediately concluded that mule is not going to be able to win the race – this race is for thoroughbreds.  And the owner or the mule responded and said “I know that, but I thought the association could do him some good.” 

If you have ever listened to Tom Jurich speak, he will always make it a point to let you know that his success is primarily because of the people around him.   He is intentional about who he hires and those he allows into his inner circle.

If you don’t know Tom Jurich, he is the Athletic Director at the University of Louisville.  Many consider him to be the best athletic director in the country.  I have had the privilege of working with Tom very closely and I would certainly echo that statement.   Without hesitation, you could pinpoint Tom as one of the top performers in his field.  It certainly takes a team to achieve the kind of success Tom has achieved.  He recognizes that fact and makes sure that his people know how valuable they really are.

My Pastor, Tim Parish, also recognizes the value of association.  Every time Pastor Tim does a baby dedication at the church, he always references the idea that it “takes a community to raise a family”.  As my wife and I are preparing to welcome our first baby into this world, we are beginning to see how valuable it is to surround yourself with people who will make you better.  People you can trust. People who will support and encourage you. People that will hold you to a high-standard.


Take inventory of your relationships today. 

Questions to Consider:

·         Who is a part of your inner circle?

·         Are your relationships edifying?

·         Do you have a mentor?

·         Are you mentoring anyone?

·         Does your inner circle make you better?

·         Do you make your inner circle better?

·         Does your inner circle challenge you to improve?

·         Does your inner circle hold you accountable?


You will better understand your closest relationships and how to use them to maximize your life.

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