Are you ready for this? The brutal truth about leadership?  Here it comes, brace yourself. 


How’d that go? You still with me? I hope so.

Here’s another absolute truth about leadership.  It’s about those that follow us.  Leadership is completely about advancing and growing them. 

Yes, as leaders we get the honor of growing with them in the process, but the focus is on how we develop the talent around us.  The fixation cannot be on ourselves.

I personally believe that there is no such thing as effective leadership without a servant leadership mentality.  Truly – this post should just be titled leadership because the serving component in leadership is colossal. 

The Math:

Here is the equation:

Leadership  –  Servant Leadership  =  No Leadership

The Wrong Paradigm:

Most people view effective leadership as the means to go as far as they can, climb as high as they can, and achieve the most prestigious position possible for their level of talent. 

Unfortunately, most people have it all wrong.   Our success as leaders comes from serving others and adding value to their lives. 

The Leadership Question:

So here’s the question we must consistently ask ourselves:  In what ways are we focused on bettering the lives of those that follow us?

The Leadership Challenge:

Be able to answer the above question without hesitation, and you are on the right track.   


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