We often think people are an inconvenience.   We are in a hurry to get nowhere.  Gotta do this. Gotta get that done.  Gotta get to the store and back.  In a hurry to get home to watch television. 

When I think of champions – several people come to mind.  As you probably do, I spend quite a bit of time studying people.  I love people – they are profoundly fascinating.  My study of people has a purpose and the underlying goal is to find out what works in human interactions.  Why are some people so successful in relationships and loving others?  You could say that I am striving to find or create a formula for human relations success.

When I think of my heroes and human relations champions, several people come to mind.  Almost all of which I have seen in person and studied their interactions.  There are two people that really stand out today.

1.       Heidi Baker – a world renowned Christian missionary.  I had the privilege at serving at her orphanages in Mozambique.  She has made a significant difference in the world!  Her life message is all about stopping for the one and she consistently (almost over-the-top about it) lives according to that.  She knows her heart’s song and is fixated on loving others one person at a time.  There is no doubt the world is a much better place because of this blonde haired lady with a dream to change the world one by one.  The stories of Heidi’s influence are absolutely remarkable (Read: There is Always Enough – Heidi Baker).

2.       Rex Kreger – the best Dad and Friend in the world.  Rex had a heart attack in August, 2012 and was immediately catapulted in the next life.  Dad’s life-celebration service was full of people that said he made you feel like you were so significant.  He listened as if you were about to share the most important thing that has ever been discovered on this planet. He consistently made you feel as if you were the only other person in the world.  He gave of his attention, time, and energy.   The earth is far greater because of Rex Kreger’s leadership.

What Heidi and Rex gave to the world are resources that we all have available to us.  In case you were wondering, I have not yet discovered that encompassing formula for being a human relations champion.  However, I am confident that when we live more like Rex and Heidi – we will make a difference. 

Let’s recognize that people are not an inconvenience.  They are an opportunity.  Let’s deny ourselves, pick up our crosses, and give of ourselves today.


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