Laurie Beth Jones stated in her book, The Path, “People with a clearly defined mission have always led those who do not have one. You are either living your mission, or you are living someone else’s.”

As I am writing this, I think back to a movie that my wife and I watched.  We really enjoy animated movies and “Bee Movie” paints a strong picture in relation to this content. 

Early in the film, Barry, the main “bee” character in this movie is home after graduating from college.  Barry has the opportunity to choose to work for his hive’s honey making workforce, or blaze a new trail.  Of course, this particular movie is about the new journey he takes that makes him an outlier in the normal bee spectrum.  But there is a scene early on in the movie that shows what most bees do their whole lives.  The scene shows a multitude of bees working hard accomplishing someone else’s vision.

I would say that most people are a lot like worker bees who commit to helping fulfill someone else’s vision.  Let’s face the facts, no one is a leader unless someone is following.  It’s true – Leadership always exists, even when there is an absence of leadership – someone will quickly fill that void. 

It has been said that there are two types of people in this world:

1.       Those who make things happen

2.       Those who watch things happen

Leaders are not those who sit on the bench or the sidelines and allow others to dictate their course of life.  The great leaders are not worker bees either.  Sure they work just as hard, or harder.  But the great leaders are pursuing their own vision and mobilizing others to come alongside them and do the same.  Leaders, clearly, are the ones who make things happen.

My dream is to equip those who have the desire to accomplish excellence by living a life of purpose rather than dreaming about it and wandering aimlessly through life.

One thing is for sure, the world will be drawn to those who know where they are going. 

Let’s make sure we are the ones who know exactly where we are going.


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