It is amazing to me how many people fail to write down their goals.  When we lack precision in our vision, it is easy for us to wander aimlessly through life.  I have read various research studies on the significance of writing goals and the results of individuals who make that a priority.  The general conclusion is that people who have written goals and maintain well-defined goals seem to accomplish them at a much higher rate. These studies further indicate that people without written goals accomplish less – and what they do accomplish is more aimless with more time invested.

Most studies have pinpointed the number of people who define their goals in writing at about 3% .  That means 97% of people fail to establish their goals with a pen and on paper.   We all have visions, dreams, and desires for how our life might look one day.  Some of us might even have the view broken down in terms of time frames; maybe six-months, one year, and even five year marking points.  Based on the studies – it looks like most of us lack that kind of precision in where we are going. 

Jesus said – wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.  Narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life – and there are few who find it.

In order to accomplish more, we must have clarity of purpose. We must accurately define the narrow road in order to navigate through it.  When we want to accomplish any milestone, we need to invest significant amounts of time to finish the race.  The more clarity in our pursuit of our goals, the more direct the path is to achieving them.

Let’s be sure we make it into that 3% group this year.  When we look back a year from now – we might be amazed at what we accomplished in 2015.

Happy Goal-Setting!


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