December 31st each year is a time for reflection and appreciation.  Tomorrow the goal-setting commences.  Today is a day to look back on God’s faithfulness and to recognize the favor and blessings you received over the last 364 days.    

If you are driven to achieve excellence, then I am sure you have all your goals typed up from 2014 and you had a game plan for exactly what you wanted to achieve.  Over the year, you crossed off the goals one-by-one as you achieved each milestone.  Good for you!

One thing that I often forget to do is look back at the achievements we have accomplished – whether personally or professionally.  I forget to honor the Giver of favor and blessing when I become so action-oriented.  I get into the habit of moving from one thing to the next without stopping to realize and enjoy who I have become in the process.  After all, it is more about who we become in the process of achieving the goals rather than the items we check off the list, right?

When you look back over the year – I bet you will find the same thing that I did.  It is amazing to remember all that God did in my life and in my little sphere of influence.  I am confident that He did similar things in your life as well. 

Take a moment to reflect and enjoy your accomplishments of 2014 – when you do, you will realize how much favor and blessing you have received – and you might just receive greater revelation about who you have become in the process.  

Happy New Year!  Let’s make 2015 the best year yet!


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