Riding a bike for the first time, making the game winning three-pointer, landing your first back-flip on a trampoline, earning your MBA, or having your first child.  All milestone moments.

Today was absolutely a milestone day.  I had the privilege of playing the world famous Valhalla Golf Club.  My friend Andy is a member out there, and he was kind enough to extend an invitation to play with him today.  We had a blast.  The company was better than the views – and the views were spectacular on this gorgeous fall afternoon!  Going into today, I made a decision to stop and enjoy the moments along the way.  I may never play a golf course that nice again.  It was an honor.

Last Wednesday – same thing – another milestone moment.  It was a joy to lead 11 college students in an evangelism outreach on the University of Louisville campus.  Yes – I have done that several times before.  Here’s the catch – I didn’t initiate the outreach this time.  One of the college students, Austin, came to me and said he wanted to learn to share the love of Jesus with his peers on campus.  He brought 10 friends with him.  Amazing!

It seems to me that we have more milestone moments than we think we do.  But do we recognize them? Do we celebrate them?  Do we take time to thank our Creator for His gifts?

We don’t know what it was like to be with Jesus in the flesh on a day to day basis.  I often imagine what Peter and John were thinking when they saw the stuff recorded in the Gospels.  It seems like every day was a milestone day for them. 

So why not make today an extraordinary day?   Make a milestone moment come to fruition today.  And the same thing tomorrow – and the next day.  

When you do, be sure to celebrate it and express gratitude to the Giver of every good and perfect gift. 

Be blessed and be a blessing today.


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