Where there is no vision, the people perish.  – Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

 What a statement!  Without vision, we die?  Really?  Seems pretty bold for anyone to make such an assertion.  In business and in life – we must have a vision.  For what are we aiming?  Where are you headed?  What does it look like when you achieve success? 

 Those are all good questions to be asking in your personal pursuit of excellence.  Here is a far better and much more important question:

 What is God’s vision for your life?

 It was finally time to find the fastest man in the world.  The 100-yard dash was about to begin. The organizers of the event had assembled an elite, world-class field. It consisted of the fastest runners since the 1976 Olympics, contested the year earlier. As a novelty, the sprint event was the 100-yard dash, as opposed to the 100-meter format.  Among the sprinters was Ivory Crocket. He was a crowd favorite because he was energetic and enthusiastic.

But on this particular day, he seemed all business. Several of his fans noticed he was reading a tiny piece of paper before the race. He must of read it several times because he stared at it for at least ten minutes. Then he did an unusual thing; he folded the paper carefully and put it in his shoe. He laced up his shoes and then finished preparing for the race like the rest of the athletes.

Well, the 100-yard dash is over in a flash. The eight gazelle-like men came to the line, got set, and looked like bullets shot from the starter’s gun. The fans went absolutely wild as Ivory Crocket finished first in a wind-aided 8.9 seconds – the fastest 100-yard dash in history.

Ivory was ecstatic! He ran a victory lap and the spectators sounded their approval. Everyone knew that they had seen something that had never been done before. It was amazing! When things settled down and the press was able to get close enough to interview him, Ivory Crocket answered questions about how he trained, what he’s eaten that day, and other inane inquiries. Finally, someone asked the question everyone wanted to know: “What was on that piece of paper you read before the race?” He bent down and took off his shoe. He still had the paper with him. He delicately unfolded it and read it aloud to those gathered. It simply said: 8.9.

So here’s the question:  What’s your 8.9?


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